Punk Princess wardrobe : This princess is trying out a cool new punk style and she is so excited for you to help her get a fun look! Let's start with make-up! Choose contact lenses, bold eye shadows and fake eye lashes, define her eyebrows, complete with glossy dark lipsticks and blush. Choose an edgy hairstyle with colorful highlights or tips and dress her up with a punk printed t-shirt, a white top with a pink heart and net in the back or a cool blouse with bare shoulders, suspenders and laces. Match them with red plaid shorts with studs on one side, ripped jeans or short skirts with over-the-knee stockings. Complete her look with a colorful jacket, a pair of ankle boots with thick heels, round sunglasses, a chocker and a cool beanie hat. Have a great time playing Punk Princess Garderobe!

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